The Research Consultancy IDC estimated the Information Technology’s industry at a whopping $5 trillion in 2019.

The enormous figure is due to the high dependency rate on technology. It has been the element of change and more and more industries are digitizing their systems.

The medical world has not been left behind. Healthcare IT tools have been invented and put to work.

If you need help with the day to day operations in your healthcare facility and are looking for a medical practice management software then you have come to the right page.

Read on to enlighten yourself on seven essential medical management software.

Medical Practice Management Software

The best thing about this software is that it uniquely made for the medical world. It has to be used together with your electronic medical record (EMR). It has features like patient details and insurance verification. These feed into the data in your EMR.

An optimal software is designed to improve on areas such as;

• Overall record keeping
• Staff shift allocation
• Customer service
• Efficiency of operations
• Minimal errors

Make sure to look for a medical practice management software that will integrate practice management software, billing services and management of health records. You can find a full package of one or single features.

This blog post will explain some of the best medical management software in 2019.

1. Care Cloud

Care Cloud really outdoes itself as a provider. Its key features include

• Ease of use
• User-friendly interface
• Strong support system
• Simple drag and drop

The above qualities enable minimal training to the staff which is perfect due to its functionality which cuts across departments. It offers billing services, health records, and practice management.

The software is fresh in the market and ready to tackle your problems. Some pre-existing software companies have provided poor support or are simply inadequate to tackle new problems in the industry.

With Care Cloud, you don’t have to worry about that. Its tendency to deliver what the client wants has earned the provider a strong reputation.

Also, it keeps prices simple but interestingly competitive.

2. Greenway Health

Its main features include

• A range of options
• All in one package
• Ease of use
• Numerous features

Greenway Health Prime Suite is one of those companies that have focused on providing customized service to the clients. It offers over 4000 templates that are all made to meet the needs of their clients.

It covers aspects such as revenue cycle management, population health, care coordination, and patient management. All that sounds amazing but wait till you hear that the software has a speech to text feature that allows dictating and transcription.

Greenway trainers are ready to assist you to get through the long list of features provided. Training of staff is important and it’s key that the provider does it.

3. Eclipse Practice Management Software

It offers the following.

• A range of options
• A user-friendly interface
• Firm background.

Eclipse Practice Management Software is a cloud-based software that offers an all in one package. These include billing systems, health records, and practice management. It can be used in across single and multi-disciplinary practices.

Note that, initially it was set up specifically for chiropractors but has grown with time to cater for needs of more.

Even though it offers a wide range of features, the software still delivers flexibility and adaptability to the user.

The best thing with Eclipse is its experience. Functioning for over twenty years, the provider has continuously revamped itself so as to provide the best for its users. Remember, it was built purposely to handle operations from health providers, offices and multiple sites.

So, Eclipse is one of the most experienced medical practice management software providers and that gives it its competitive edge. It has a great reputation and you can certainly trust that their services will be up to standard.

4. Nextech

Its main features include

• User-friendly interface
• Great support system
• More advanced options

Its main objective is to simplify everyday operations like scheduling, allocation of staff, optimal bill services, and patient record management.

What sets it aside from other vendors is that it’s willing to provide additional support for specialist needs. It’s really hard to find a software that goes the extra mile to add this feature. Dermatologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedics and many other specialists have enjoyed using the software.

Plastic surgeons are the luckiest in all these. They get a set of cool features including model changes and face visualization before and after the surgery. This has really boosted efficiency in the industry.

It also provides what most other providers do, but it has tended to focus on this feature. If you have a team of specialists in your healthcare facility then this software might solve your problems.

5. Meditab

Its main features are;

• Simplicity
• Customization options

Just like other software above, this comes in an all in one package and with practice management being part of it. It allows claim submissions, insurance verification, patient tracking, and many other services.

Meditab stands out in that it manages to keep it simple despite having a ton of features. It caters for a wide range of specialties but still offers customization.

6. Provision

The C&S research corporation product is highly flexible.

It can be tailored to fit your needs making it perfect for the ever-changing schedules, staff allocation, and patient records. You name it. It mainly automates operations in the front office.

7. MDconnection

It’s a cloud-based medical management system that offers value for your money.
It can be used in both small and large medical setups. With automation of daily administrative duties, it eliminates a huge workload leaving the management team to focus on development projects.

Deciding On a Medical Management Software

Now, we trust that you know your options and what you really need to focus on when selecting a medical practice management software.

Finally, you have a solution to your problem. Go through the list again and if you need more options to feel free to research more on the topic right here on our blog.