Monster high originally debuted first on 5 May 2010 and ended on February 9, 2018. A perfect collection of 7 seasons with a grand total of 186 episodes, it is a perfect joyride for the viewers.

The 7th volume is inspired by the web series which got rebooted. The 7th volume was known as Adventures of The Ghoul Squad.

The success of the franchise was so big that it was remodeled into 15 separate movies as well.

Monster High in News in 2022

2022 has big news for the Monster High fans.

It has been announced that a new Monster High animated series will be aired in October 2022. Monster High was originally an American fashion doll franchise owned by Mattel and created by Garrett Sanders. People love these cartoons because of their unique and diverse characters that are based on famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein.

Most of the characters in the franchise are based on monster movies, sci-fi movies, thriller fiction, and even mythology. So, if you are into goofy fun, this series is the right one for you. 

Background of the Brand

The original Monster High series debuted on 5 May 2010 and ended with 6 volumes with a total of 172 episodes. After the reboot of the web series in 2016, the new version, Adventures Of The Ghoul Squad aired on 11 August 2017. It received a very warm response from the audience.

Where can I watch Monster High?

If you are wondering, ‘Where can I watch Monster High?’ then this is the right article for you. Read further.

You can catch up with the coolest episodes on YouTube whereas the Monster High movies can be watched on Netflix, Prime Video, Vudu, or Apple TV. The most preferred platform among the above mentioned will be Netflix.

Netflix gives you the option to change the language as per your preference as well as enjoy it with your friends. With Telepathy (previously called Netflix Party), you can watch Monster High episodes even though your friend is 4000 km away.

Not willing to go ahead with Netflix?

Amazon Prime has awesome subscription plans to get you covered. With differential pricing agreements for students and non-students, you can purchase the best deal for yourself. Don’t forget to look into the yearly plans which have some awesome surprises loaded for you.

A Children’s narrative, loved by adults too!

Monster high is a long-lived children’s show with a bit of twist. Being loved by children, young teens, and a few adults, its popularity is very high. As per an article, the Monster High Dolls have outsold barbie dolls, though priced 100% costlier than the barbie dolls.
It goes ahead to vouch for the popularity of Monster High. A perfect combination of mystery, fun, and awesome plot twists, it’s a franchise that you must follow.  

Hear it from The Moms

Have you ever wondered what might the parents have to say about this awesome brand? Well, surprisingly, the review is very positive.

While some have gone ahead to state how it helps children grow and mature into responsible women, others have been praising how it teaches girls to be themselves.

Though few parents have raised concerns in terms of the attire of the dolls, the theme of the franchise has been well praised. The right age for watching it is from 8-12, though young teenagers are also getting attracted to it. 

A perfect show for a relaxed time for the adults too!

Shows like Monster High

If you enjoy Monster High, you are surely someone who enjoys adventure, thrill, and horror – in a fun way. Here is our list of similar shows and movies that you might enjoy if you liked Monster High:

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