For Instagram influencers, their follower count is of extreme importance. However, if you are a tech influencer, your follower count can say a lot about you! 

It is not only a reflection of your content but also sheds light on your skills and engagement. Naturally, if you are boasting of your skills of having technology at your fingertips, your first course of action would be to use it to get a royal following!

On another note, videos have emerged as a fundamental unit of marketing on Instagram. Whether you cater to mobile audiences or want to attract desktop users – videos will allow you to reach out to everyone. All you need is a handy Instagram video editor app, and you are all set to create pleasing content that is also consumable.

There are a few other tips and tricks that will help you expand your Instagram reach once you have all your basics in order. In this post, we will take a look at how videos can help you gain more followers.

Instagram Video Ideas for Tech Accounts

Let us take a look at what it takes to leverage videos to get your tech influencer account noticed!

1. Create Daily Stories

Instagram stories allow you to connect with new followers. If you are concerned about the content of these daily posts, you are already at an advantage in your domain! 

It is an uncontested fact that the world of technology moves at a rapid pace. Thus, there is always going to be something that is up and coming at every point.

Tools like InVideo make it easy even for the busiest of account owners to create fresh and original content in a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, you can post Instagram Stories consistently, and they will help you gain enough traction.

2. Share Video How-To Tutorials/Unboxing

How-To tutorials and unboxing videos form the crux of tech video content, and if you fail to capitalize on them, then you may be missing out on a major opportunity! Some of your best videos can also end up as Instagram Stories and saved stories that will get pinned to your account highlights.

Sharing a few bloopers or behind-the-scene reels can be an excellent way to connect with new and old users. Use these to reflect your personality, because not everything has to be about tech jargons!

3. Collaborate

If you have been networking on the Instagram tech influencer circuit for a long time, you may be on good terms with other tech influencers. So use this opportunity to collaborate and create videos together. From in-depth discussions to live Q&A sessions, there is a lot that you can try to keep it fresh with other users.

The shared spotlight may help you and your partner gain more followers on the mix. Alternatively, you can have an impromptu account takeover where you operate someone else’s account for a day for added exposure. Depending on the response that you receive, you can even make this experiment a regular routine.

4. Use Text in Videos

Captions are highly underrated portions of a video. Considering that a big chunk of viewers watch videos with the sound off or turned down, there is a high possibility that they may scroll past your video if it does not contain captions.

Further, you can make creative use of text in your video. 

For instance, you can use it to highlight product specifications as you talk about them one by one. Or you can use it to display the question that you are addressing in the video. Further, you can also use it to recapitulate everything that you have covered in the video, and so on.

5. Keep the Design Simple

Design is a crucial element of video production. It covers several aspects right from the color palette and font to the animation or video format. Therefore, it is a highly customizable aspect that you can use to personalize your videos.

Users make use of design elements like text overlays and slideshows to create a clean but simple design. Furthermore, this design is consistent as it has now become a part of the brand value. So if you are using something like a stranger things intro maker, it is advisable to use it in all your future videos.

6. Transform Slideshows Into Videos

If you are camera shy, then you may benefit from the fact that you can easily transform slideshows into Instagram videos. This quality is especially useful for tech videos with step-by-step instructions or Top 5/10 lists.

Compile your photos and use a tool like InVideo to make an attractive video out of these slideshows. These videos will be extremely useful when you wish to post a video despite the time crunch.

7. Host Competitions and Giveaways

Using competitions and giveaways to gain more followers is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It puts you in a position where your existing followers market your Instagram account, and the followers will start streaming in.

Before you get started with your competition or giveaway, start by creating a unique hashtag for the event. Declare the date and time for the contest and hype up your followers for what is about to come. 

Put up stories, countdowns, ads, and encourage your followers to share your posts or tag your friends. It is an excellent strategy to promote your brand and your Insta handle.

On the day of the contest, set up a task and a time limit to achieve it. In response, you will get a wealth of user-generated content that links back to your account. You can then locate the participants through your hashtag and identify the winner. Even here, you can use video to announce the winner! 

Final Thoughts

Finally, always remember that it is the content that matters. Ensure that you are making use of high-quality, top-notch content to engage your followers, and you will be suitably rewarded!

The above seven tips can boost your Instagram presence and fetch you a long list of followers. So do not waste another second and create an awesome video marketing strategy to get featured on Instagram!