Traveling is just fine. Especially when they are not too expensive. How to travel with minimal costs, but at the same time not lose the impressions of the trip? Today we will talk about life hacks for tourists with a small reserve of money. Let’s go!

Prepare in advance and explore the sights of the house

In order for your spending not to become irrational, you need to prepare in advance. Before the trip, explore the main attractions and make a list of must-see places. Calculate the costs of visiting them and allocate this amount in the trip budget. If it turns out too much, find out if there are tourist cards in the city where you will be vacationing.

Think about how you will move around the city

You may be surprised, but now we will not talk about public transport. We recommend thinking about renting a car. Yes, that’s right, because car rental services offer very favorable conditions. Often you can find an amazing car for incredibly low prices. Imagine a Mercedes rental car can be rented for less than $120. Comfort and safety instead of public transport for little money are cool! Try it and you won’t regret it!

Find free entertainment

In fact, in any tourist country, you can find options for enjoying art, nature, and a pleasant atmosphere without spending money. You just need to try.

You can easily find free guided tours. For example, the Free Walking Tour is available in many locations. The system works very simply: the guide shows the city, and you pay him a tip — as much as you want. If the option with a guide is not for you, you can simply download a public audio guide and explore the city yourself.

Find out the days when museums can be visited for free. Most often it is the first Sunday of the month, but there are other dates.

Download offline maps. For example, or Google Maps. With them, you will be able to build interesting hiking routes and definitely not get lost.

Allocate a budget for the day

Planning is the key to success. So it is with the budget. Calculate in advance exactly how much money you will allocate for the trip and deduct the expenses for the cultural program from it and calculate how much you can spend every day. And based on the calculated amount, make all purchases: food, souvenirs, shopping, transport.

Ideally, do not spend money thoughtlessly, but control your expenses. You can even record purchases. This way you will not exceed the daily limit and will not starve the next day. In addition, knowing the exact budget does not allow you to make spontaneous purchases.

As you can see, in order to travel for pleasure, you do not need exorbitant amounts. Traveling economically is also cool! We hope that such a selection of tips and recommendations for budget travel turned out to be useful to you. Following simple rules, you can easily spend a wonderful vacation or spontaneously go on a trip without savings or large sums. Good trips and rational spending!

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