• Did you know that according to data from Samsung, younger adults are predicted to take roughly 25 000 selfies during their lifetime? 

That’s a lot of selfies… And a lot of time to take them all! According to a report analyzed by Refinery, the average woman under the age of 25 spends up to 48 minutes per day preparing for and taking more than one selfie shot. Getting the perfect picture takes on average 7 tries, and many women re-do their makeup and style their hair. 

All this work adds up to a whopping 5 hours per week spent on taking selfies. 

But what if we told you that there is a way to reduce this time, and take even better photos? Shooting a selfie is not all that easy, give the limited length of your arm and the distortion that camera lenses and close up shots can cause.

Have you ever snapped a selfie pic while looking good, only to find that it comes out awkward looking and unattractive? If so then you are in the right place, because we are about to share with you some of the best tips on how to take the perfect selfie.

If you want to totally rule the effortless selfie, read on!

The Zoom Secret (That Makes Your Face Look Cute in Selfies)

If you have taken any number of selfies, then you will be all too familiar with the ‘huge-nose-effect’ that can happen. This is thanks to the distortion that the camera lens creates when it is held at arm’s length from your face.

Because smartphone cameras have a slight fisheye lens, if the lens is close to the object that you are snapping, it will make things in the center of the photograph appear larger than they really are. 

In the case of the selfie, this unfortunately usually winds up being your nose. Great. Who wants an artificially big nose in their carefully executed selfie?! And if you think that the distortion is not that big of a deal, tests have shown that selfies can enhance the perceived size of your nose by up to 30%

Partly because of this unfortunate effect, 42% of plastic surgeons have reported having patients wanting to undergo surgery specifically to look better in selfies.

But guess what? you don’t have to go under the knife to get great selfies, sans the enormous nose. 

All you need to do is zoom in very slightly on your camera before you take your selfie snapshot. This will counteract some of the fisheye lens effects and result in a more normal sized looking nose!

Look for Soft Light

The next top tip for great selfies is to look for soft and diffused light. Harsh light, such as direct sunlight in the middle of the day, will wash out your face, and make it also look harsh.

Soft light, on the other hand, will show you off ‘in the best light’. 

Soft light can often be found at a window, behind a translucent blind, or outdoors at sunrise or sunset when the sunlight is being diffused through a thicker layer of atmosphere than at midday.

Can’t find nice soft light in your home? Try hanging a sheet over a window that gets direct sun. The sheet will diffuse and soften the light, and you will look amazing!

Angle Your Shoulders 

If you present your shoulders head on to the camera, this can make them appear broader and your face smaller in comparison. If this happens to you, try angling them slightly away from the camera. This will create the optical illusion of smaller shoulders.

You can use this same trick when taking full body shots. Simply angle your whole body slightly to the side. This will have the effect of making you look narrower. 

Try Tilting Your Head

Annoyed at how you look in a selfie? Try tilting your head. Head tilting will present different angles of your face to the camera, and chances are you will find one that you love. 

Experiment with the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a widely used photography hack to create pleasing images. And it goes like this:

  • In your mind’s eye, divide your image into six boxes (like a sudoku or tic-tac-toe box)
  • Angle the shot so that the thing you want to highlight falls on one of the intersections of these boxes

So, if it is your lips that you want to draw attention to, position them to be at one of the cross-hairs of these lines. It can be a little tricky to visualize at first, but do some research on the rule of thirds, and play around!

Shoot from Above

Another great trick for taking flattering selfie photos is to shoot from above. By holding the camera upwards and shooting down, you will create the visual impression that your head and eyes are bigger and that your body is beneath it is slim and petite in contrast.

Extend Your Neck and Lift Your Chin

Ever posed in what you thought was a super cute way only to find that it looks like you have a double chin? Well, there is a simple tip you can use to put an end to this. 

Simply lift your chin slightly upwards and outwards. This will elongate your neck and eliminate any chances of the double chin effect that can happen in selfies. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Full Body Shots

Selfies don’t always have to be your face. To switch it up, and maybe show off your style, try out some full body selfies in the mirror. 

Take Advantage of the Extra Shutter Release Buttons If You Are on an iPhone

If you are taking photos with an iPhone, then you might already know that you can also use the volume buttons to snap your pic. This is often easier than straining to reach the on-screen button with your thumb.

Being able to easily take the photo will mean that you can concentrate on keeping your angle and pose, and not moving the phone around while your thumb fumbles for the button. 

You Now Have a Whole Set of Tools to Nail the Perfect Selfie Shot

Taking the perfect selfie shot can get frustrating if the images are not coming out as you envisioned in your head. Fortunately, now that you know about how to find good lighting, eliminate the ‘big nose’ effect, make use of the rule of thirds and how to utilize flattering photo angles—you have got a bunch of new tools for taking the ultimate selfie image.

If you love these tips or have any of your own that you want to share, be sure to hit us up in the comments below.