Deep and intimate conversations are a crucial part of any relationship. It helps in knowing each other better and increases the level of understanding. The more you talk, the more you get to know your partner. Asking questions is an essential part of the conversation.

You need to ask questions to initiate conversations and be sensitive about situations and act accordingly. Lots of guys probably wonder, what questions can be asked that could enhance the understanding and relationship.

So here are a few questions you can ask your girlfriend and get to know her better and strengthen the relationship.

1.How was your day?

2.What are your hopes and ambitions?

3.What are your deepest fears and how would you overcome them if they come true?

4.What is your happiest childhood memory and how much you miss them?

5.How would you like your perfect day to be?

6.Where would you like to go on your ideal vacation?

7.If you get stranded on an island, what would be the three things you would want the most?

8.What did you think of me when I first met you?

9.What’s the most romantic destination you dream of going to?

10.Do you believe in soul mates?

11.Are you comfortable in sharing everything with me?

12.Do you like dancing to slow and romantic music?

13.If you could eat anything and everything on a certain day, what are the most likely choices?

14.Who are the people in your life for whom you would risk your life?

15.If you had any superpower for one day, what would you like to have?

16.Why are you attracted to me?

17.What qualities do you love about me?

18.What are the things you want to change in me?

19.What was the first thing you noticed in me that made you feel attracted?

20.What are the things that you love about this city?

21.Which book or movie has influenced you in your life in any manner?

22.How do you behave when you don’t get something you want?

23.Whom do you follow more? Your heart or your head?

24.How open are you to accepting new things when they conflict with your opinions?

25.Are you honest with your partner about every aspect of your relationship?

26.What’s your relationship like with your parents?

27.Small things in day to day life that make you smile?

28.Are you a party animal or do you like spending time with a few close ones?

29.What is your favorite season and what do you like about it the most?

30.Are you willing to sacrifice things to make our relationship stronger?

31.On a bad day, what would you want me to do, that cheers you up?

32.Would you be mine, if you could in the next life?

These are just a few. Keep on talking and you will figure out a lot more and express yourself better as well. The rest will come naturally as you keep on knowing her better.