If you frequently forge friendships on social media with strangers, chances are you have been or will be catfished at some point.

With the help of social media, you can connect with other people at great distances. This is why online dating has become a popular culture in our current society.

But how can you tell your online lover is 100% genuine? How do you determine that he or she is not going to use you for your money or status?

Being catfished is a terrible thing to go through. Here are some guidelines on how to know if you’re being catfished. 

1. The Person Never Reveals Their Face

If you meet someone online, chances are they have selfies or current pictures of themselves posted on social media. So it wouldn’t be hard for you to see their faces.

You can tell if the person is genuine when you ask for a recent photo, and they send you immediately.

However, if you encounter someone a bit reluctant to show you their face, you should be cautious.

These kinds of people come up with every kind of excuse not to show you their faces.

For instance, they will tell you they don’t have good lighting, and they’re at work, they will send later among other lame excuses.

2. The Relationship Progresses Too Quickly

If you’ve known a person for a few days, maybe on Facebook and they start messaging you constantly to pursue a serious relationship with you, that’s a red flag.

Love takes time to grow. Before you allow someone into your life, get to know them first.

Learn their character and how they act around other people. That way, you can make a sound judgment.

But if you meet a stranger online who is keen on pursuing a love relationship with you even before you meet, that’s a catfish!

3. They Always Appear in Professional Photos Looking Ridiculously Hot

Have you’ve seen pictures of very handsome men and beautiful women on social media? Did they appear perfect with no flaws?

One significant sign that you’re being catfished is when your online lover is continuously sending you pictures of themselves looking too perfect.

They’ll never send you a typical picture with ordinary people such as their family, neighbors, or friends.

Instead, they will only share professional pictures of themselves, which give an illusion of a perfect human being.

4. If They Continuously Ask for Money

We all need financial help once in a while, and it’s good to help people, especially your family members and your close friends.

However, if you just met someone online and romanced for some time maybe two weeks and suddenly they’re asking for financial aid, take a major step back. You’re about to get catfished!

5. They Always Refuse to Video Chat with You or Make Phone Calls

If someone seems serious about having a relationship with you, but they want to stick to written communication only, that should raise a red flag.

Do you request for a video call, Skype or Facetime within the first week?

If they decline your offer and give all sorts of lame excuses, cut that connection before you get catfished.

6. They Are Reluctant To Go On a Date with You

Not everyone you meet online lives in another country. Some claim to live close by. If that’s the case, you should ask them out on a date.

If they are genuine, they will want to go out with you and even suggest public places you can meet.

However, if someone is catfishing you, they will always come up with dramatic excuses of why they can’t meet you.

These excuses revolve around things that would immediately elicit your sympathy.

7. They are Inactive on Social Media

One of the ways to know if someone is catfishing is their level of inactivity in social media.

If you check their Facebook timeline or their Instagram account, and they don’t seem to have much going on then that’s red flag.

Alternatively, you can do a reverse google image search.

You do this by dragging the images they’ve sent you to google search and see if they will show up anywhere on the internet. If they do, well, that person is catfishing you.

8. They Have Poor Grammar

If you meet someone online and they claim to be from a particular region, then it’s obvious they should have a mastery of the local language.

For example, you meet a person who claims is from London that means they should have a good mastery of the English language.

You should keenly look at grammatical errors when they text you. Listen to their accent and intonation of sounds in words whenever you have phone calls.

This will tell you if the person is lying about where they come from. These are some of the signs you’re being catfished.

9. Their Story Doesn’t Add Up

You should always listen to your gut feeling. If something tells you that a person’s story doesn’t add up, just cut off any connection with them.

There are high chances that you’re being catfished.

Have you noted weird things about this person?  For instance, they might tell you that they went to Harvard, yet they are struggling to find a job.

Alternatively, they might claim to be young, yet the pictures they send you will indicate that they are older.

It’s always good to trust your intuition. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your gut feeling that the majority of people make and end up being catfished.

How to Know If You’re Being Catfished: What Should You Do?

It’s advisable for you to look out for signs that guide you on how to know if you’re being catfished.

If indeed you have been catfished, you should immediately cut off any communication with that person.

It’s advisable that you block the person in all your social media accounts.

To avoid such cases in future, you should learn ways that you can be witty and intelligent to outsmart people who might want to catfish you.

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