One of the best ways to win over people where ever you are is being witty. Witty people are not just ahead in life but they know how to get things out of relationships and life’s problems.

Being witty is directly related to how easily you can turn any situation to your favor through cleverness and actually being easy to communicate with.

Witty is just not cracking jokes with people all the time, but also about coming up with a clever way of handling life’s punches and making things comfortable for yourself and others around.

This where being witty takes practice. Not everyone is born with a witty born. Something’s is learned along the way. You can learn to be a witty person over time. That is where my 10 tips to be a witty person comes in handy.

Being witty is an important quality to have if you want to navigate yourself through life’s ups and downs. So, learning the art of being witty is actually one of the biggest things you could happen to learn this year.

Top 10 Tips on How to Be Witty :

Some of the below suggestions may seem to you surprising but be with me on this. Because you are about to get wittier by the very second.

Your Common Sense Matters

Common sense is practiced when you take a minute to understand a situation without simply reacting to it. So, judging the facts and understanding what the situation demands you react to is a very important common sense exercise.

It will help you see the facts, weigh up the situation for what it exactly is and not get carried away by overthinking.

Your Body Language Matters

If you want to be wittier learn to read between the lines. The communication I not just words and clever words but reading the body language of others. Also, maintaining a cool and composed composure for yourself through it too.

More than often, when we try too hard our body language says something and our words completely something else. This is where maintaining your body language in synch to what you say helps people judge you to be witty and notover-reactive.

Practice Being Wiser

Okay! This doesn’t mean you are stupid. It means being well versed with everything around you, being a reader, and following up on world events helps you weigh up situations in life. Wisdom is absolute power and the only way you can train yourself to be wiser is to engage more with culture, society,and things that actually matter.

The more experience you gather you can garnish the art of being witty. After every experience, you can yourself what you learned after it and use that an opportunity to shape your window and how you react to situations.

What Makes People Laugh?

People Laugh
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This is a very important thing to find out. People find different things funny. More than often in our trials to come out funny to people, we actually end up offending people. By being funny it doesn’t mean you end up doing silly things or just making fun of somebody or some people.

It is always about you seeing what is going on and find humor in it in a very smart way. That is what being witty all is about. It hardly making jokes at the expense of other people.

Build Your Vocabulary

Do you know what really works with witty people? You will always find them to have unique words. One of the best ways to be wittier is by learning new words and using them rightly in the right circumstances.

Enriching your vocabulary is a perfect place to start and learning to be a witty person in life. It helps you find the right words to describe your funny bone with intelligence.

Your Peers Matter Too

Your witty sense of humor largely depends on the kind of people you associate yourself with. Let’s make it easy for you. If you hang around dumb people who make poor choices in life, chances are those traits will rub off on you too.

Always remember you are who you hang out with so making sure you are around people who have a contribution to being witty will enable you to be witty too.

Work on Personal Growth

Personal Growth
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Working on your insecurities are always the best way to be wittier. You have identified yourself the spots that you need to do better at. So, working on your personal growth as a human being will always help you to do better at being witty.

Don’t be Judgmental

If you are too busy judging others you will be wasting time on useless things. Learn to have an open mind about everything that will help you see the brighter side of things easily.

It is OK to Not Know Everything

Here is the deal about being witty it starts with yourself. Once you are a big enough person to admit that you don’t know everything is only when you will learn to be wittier and develop a trait to see things easily. The growth and space for personal development start with knowing that there is always room for development.

Be a Sport

Being a good sport and a social butterfly helps you learn new things from different people. The more you are open to new experiences the more you can learn new stuff to apply on your wit. Being socially closed off and awkward means you will give other people the impression that you are closed off.


Well, those were the top tips to be a witty person. You can now easily apply the above rules and learn to be the person you were meant to be.